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Magravs Plasma Products are designed to give you the real pain relief you've been looking for.

Using the Keshe Foundation plasma technology, our products bring a new approach to heal and have real results from real people to share just how great it works.

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Arthritis Pain completely vanished...

I have pain in my right thumb joint (arthritis). It would intensify excruciatingly when I put pressure on it.

I applied the Pain Pen for a few seconds and now the pain has completely vanished. The Pain Pen surely does work well indeed! John, USA

John // using Keshe Pain Pen

Shoulder Pain is completely gone...

As a Doctor, I often research new healing products. I am happy to say that I got my Pain Pad and it worked beautifully on my shoulder, which I had hurt some time ago.The pain is completely gone. Thank you. Laurie MD. Seattle

Dr. Laurie  //  using Keshe Pain Pad

I've awakened Pain Free

I am in shock. Day 4. The last two mornings I've awakened pain free. I used the Keshe Pain Pen and today, my spine is not hurting at all, unbelievableArthritis from neck to tailbone - now relieved of all pain ~ Linda

Linda  // using Keshe Pain Pen

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products and how they can help you

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In simple terms, I want you to see the potential of this extraordinary technology and I want you to get the pain relief you deserve.

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Learn more about the range of pain relief products & how they can help you

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