Keshe Foundation Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask

Keshe Foundation Migraine mask

Magravs Plasma Product: Eye and Migraine Mask

The Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask brings the power of the plasmatic fields to assist your eyes and surrounding facial and internal areas to return to their normal, pain free and healthy state. 

Users are reporting that stress and tension is rapidly relieved and migraines cleared quickly using the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask.

Real Results from the Keshe Foundation Plasma Eye & Migraine Mask

Relieves my neck pain

I am very pleased with my Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer and feel a whole lot better; lots more energy, better skin, etc. since using it. I have also purchased the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask and find it relieves eye and neck pain! I am now awaiting the Plasma Foot Insoles.Love Sue from Mallorca! September 21, 2018

Sue // using Keshe Foundation Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask

It's like a miracle!

I received the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask near the end of September.

I have suffered from migraines since age 14, I am now 68 and still migraine attacks occur, and sometimes they are very debilitating. A migraine knocks you out for a day or longer and since I am older, it seems harder to come through for my body.

I tried a lot of things, and sadly they do not work.  I put it on and went to bed, I felt the pain shift from my forehead, behind my eyes to my neck, so I moved the mask there. I did replace the mask several times during about an hour.

In the night I used it two more times, when I woke up this morning, I felt a little cloudy in my head, but no Pain!

I feel very thankful for this result, which for me, coming through the night and the migraine attack was cut off without any medication, is like a miracle!

I will be using the Eye Mask in the future.Thank you and Mr. Keshe for your work! Anouk. The Netherlands. October 13, 2018

Anouk //  using Keshe Foundation Eye and Migraine Mask

Headaches now gone...

I have ordered the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask and I can confirm very good benefit to my near vision and also that my headaches have now gone for good. Mustapha September 19, 2018

Mustapha  //  using Keshe Foundation Eye and Migraine Mask

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