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Want to live a healthy Life? 

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Welcome to Magravs Plasma Products

Are you ready to start living Pain-Free?

Feel like you've tried it all before and nothing has given you pain relief?

Magravs Plasma Products are designed to give you the real pain relief you've been looking for.

Using the Keshe Foundation plasma and other  technologies, our products bring a new approach to promoting healing and have real results for real people who share just how well they work.


 Band Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap

SoftMAG Pain Relief Eye Mask

SoftMAG Plasma Foot Mat

SoftMAG Knee Shield

Advanced Technology 7 Health Pad

Advanced Technology 7 Cervical Health Collar

Lumbar Health Waist Band

DPE100 EMF Neutraliser

Real Customers ​​​​With Real Results


Dear Richard, While I have been drinking GANS CO2 and ZnO water for my health, I have also been giving these GANS water to my cats twice a day. One of them has been suffering from IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) for a couple of years. We have tried everything his doctor suggests, such as metronidazole, vitamin B shots, probiotics, and wet food only diet, but nothing has worked. However, within a few days of taking GANS CO2 and ZnO water, his condition improved. He's been taking GANS water for about seven weeks now, I think his IBD has improved 80%! We are optimistic that he will completely get better.

Akiko Watanabe 

/ using GANS Pack with Health Protocols

Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band

I definitely like the new Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band more than the previous version that I purchased. Maybe the magnets help. I've had a lower back issue for years so I think it will probably take a while. (Maybe just my belief that it will take a while?). It definitely helps my back feel better - more like the magnet pad I've used on my back before - kind of a cool, relaxed feeling. I think it is helping but maybe too early to know how much. I use it mostly when I am meditating or in the evening when I'm sitting or lying down and don't have to fasten it around my waist.Hope you are doing well!


/ using Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band

I recently had a fall on some ice and injured my arm and shoulder, with pain also going into my neck. At bedtime, I put the Eye Mask on top of my shoulder and sometimes on my neck and the pain dissipates. I also had soreness in one hip from the fall, and when I put the Eye Mask under my hip at bedtime, the soreness dissolved. I now will use the Eye Mask more regularly, since I am starting to get results. Thanks to Mr. Keshe for his service to humanity and thanks to you, Richard, for a wonderful job introducing these products.



Nancy Mckinney USA

/ using Pain Relief Eye Mask

   Want to live a healthy Life?

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