Advanced Technology 7 Cervical Health Collar

The Advanced Technology 7 Cervical Health Collar is a semi-rigid cervical collar designed to limit the movements of the cervical tract and alleviate the pain caused by inflammation of the same using three types of technology:

  • Weak magnetic fields that penetrate up to 5 cm under the skin
  • Biophotonic technology
  • Radionics technology.

These technologies help to restore balance in the body by reducing stress and, in the specific case of this device, reduce tension in the neck, shoulders and cervical vertebrae.

Made of very high-quality neoprene and a front closure with a Velcro-like system, which uses a band that closes under the chin for easy use by the patient. Cervical Health incorporates an effective magnet for treatment.

Cervical Health Collar Helps To

  • Reduce the extent of the osteoarthritis symptoms; in fact, there have been reported cases of reduced arm and shoulder blade pain
  • Improve blood circulation and also recover aching muscles and joints relative to the area of application
  • Maintain the neck in a normal position in order to facilitate the healing process
  • Improve motor activity and sensitivity of hands and arms
  • Soothe neck and shoulder pain
  • Increase blood circulation in the neck
  • Relieve pain in the cervical vertebrae
  • Reduce stiffness in the cervical vertebrae
  • Improve sphincter control
  • Reduce acute and chronic neck pain
  • Improve erection and bladder control
  • Increase the vitality of cells and tissues
  • Decrease or eliminate tingling
  • Improve Vision 
  • Ensure better waking state
  • Reduce Vertigo
  • Reduce Burning throat