Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap

The Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap is a semi-rigid cylindrical wrist strap designed to relieve wrist pain due to carpal tunnel inflammation, arthritis and tendonitis, thanks to the use of three different types of technology. Wrist health is ideal for additional support during everyday activities.

Wrist Health relieves muscle stiffness and pain.

It provides healing relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinitis, sprains, carpal tunnel pain, and general pain and discomfort.

It is ergonomically designed to support a complete range of movement, with comfort and superior mobility.

Easy to wear, our light and soft, unisex wristband keeps you dry and comfortable even with extended use. It is very comfortable to wear all day and all night.

Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap Benefits

  • Reduces: Pain on the outer side of the wrist and at the base of the thumb, which can be accentuated by gripping action performed with the thumb, and inclination movements of the wrist.
  • Keeps the wrist in a normal position in order to facilitate the healing process. Can also lead to a reduction in the extent of the osteoarthritis symptoms; in fact, there have been reported cases of reduction of pain in the hand and forearm.
  • Improved feeling in a swollen hand and reduced numbness, Improved perception of the distinction between whether the hand is hot or cold.
  • Reduces: Inflammation and redness in the wrist carpal tunnel area, where inflamed/irritated tendons are located.
  • Reduces: the emission of a creaking or crackling sound on the movement of the wrist joint.
  • Reduces: the emission of a creaking or crackling sound on the movement of the wrist joint.
  • Reduces: Swelling where the inflamed/irritated tendon resides.
  • Great for frequent burning sensations.
  • Effective for tingling or numbness mixed with itching in the palm of the hand and fingers, especially in the thumb, index and middle fingers.
  • Helps in the recovery of aching muscles and joints relative to the area of application.
  • Improvement of motor activity and sensitivity of the hands and arm.
  • Reduces: acute and chronic pain in the wrist or hand
  • Increases the vitality of cells and tissues.
  • Reduces: swelling around the wrist.
  • Decreased or eliminated tingling.
  • Improves finger flexibility

Introduction to the Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap

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