Magravs Plasma Products

The DPE100 absorbs abnormal levels of EMF from the environment, protecting your home from 5G and severe weather. DPE100 may even prevent earthquakes

Warranty: 2 years

Weight: approx. 3kg.

The Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band is a semi-rigid band designed to support the lumbar tract and alleviate pain caused by inflammation, using three complementary technologies.

 The daily use of BioActive soles also offers an improvement in the overall balance and with it the posture, which when incorrect, causes pain in the legs, arms and back.They have no side effects or contraindications.

Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap

The Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health wrist strap is a semi-rigid cylindrical wrist strap designed to relieve wrist pain due to carpal tunnel inflammation, arthritis and tendonitis.

SoftMAG Pain Relief Eye Mask

The SoftMAG Pain Relief Eye Mask helps to relieve sinus headache, tired and swollen eyes . Cold therapy also soothes tired and swollen eyes while providing cooling relief.

SoftMAG Plasma Foot Mat

The SoftMAG FOOT MAT helps to eliminate pain quickly and also to prevent its renewed onset and improve the functioning of the entire body.

SoftMAG Knee Shield

The SoftMAG Knee Shield is designed to support your knee, relieve pain and promote healing whilst allowing the normal full range of motion.

Weight: 0.185 kg

Warranty: 3 years

Advanced Technology 7 Health Pad

The Advanced Technology 7 Health Pad is a semi-rigid pillow pad that can be used on a chair or car seat and is designed to relieve pain due to Sciatic nerve inflammation, arthritis and tendonitis.

Advanced Technology 7 Cervical Health Collar

The Advanced Technology 7 Cervical Health Collar is a semi-rigid cervical collar designed to limit the movements of the cervical tract and alleviate the pain caused by inflammation of the same using three types of technology.

SoftMAG Elbow Shield

The SoftMAG Elbow Shield relieves elbow pain and, in particular, epicondylitis; also called "tennis elbow”.

Warranty: 3 years