Advanced Technology 7 DPE100 EMF Neutraliser

It can protect you and your family from all of the following dangers.

The extraordinary DPE100 absorbs abnormal levels of EMF and other energies from the environment. What this means is that interference from such things as the emerging 5G networks, smart electricity meters and overhead or underground power lines can be prevented from interfering with you and your loved ones. Just as importantly, it prevents extreme weather events from occurring within a 1km radius of the DPE100 EMF Neutraliser, whether they be hurricanes or sudden torrential downpours or hailstorms with golf ball sized hail and larger, which have been growing in frequency and severity around the world. Here is an example of a flash flood in Spain in September 2019, in which 5 people died. The DPE100 may even prevent earthquakes, since these are triggered by EMF, primarily from the sun.

Beyond this, when sufficient of these devices have been deployed, they will act in concert to protect the planet from the impact of the rapidly declining magnetic field and other extreme events that lie in our short-term future. The DPE in the name means Defence of Planet Earth.

The DPE100 creates a protected zone of 1km radius and several hundred km high, so it protects a small community. There is also the DPE Shield, which protects an area 100km in radius, which is suitable for a farm, a factory site or a rural community. 

Benefits arising from the deployment of the DPE100 EMF Neutraliser


  • REGENERATION of the Magnetosphere at the location of the DPE 100.
  • REGENERATION of the Ozone layer.
  • DRASTIC reduction of earthquake size.
  • DRASTIC reduction of large meteorological phenomena such as hurricanes, torrential cloudbursts and   hailstorms with oversize hailstones.
  • DRAINING total electromagnetic pollution harmful to humans and animals but not to technological devices.
  • RESTORATION of the sky and air quality as before the industrial era.
  • RESTORATION of the sky and air quality as before the industrial era.
  • DRASTIC reduction of Radioactivity.
  • DRASTIC Radon gas reduction.
  • Positioned along the coast, these will re-harmonize the frequencies cetaceans (whales, dolphins, etc.)  use to navigate and therefore eliminate stranding.


  • Nutritional values of fruit and vegetables doubled or tripled.
  • Healthier plants with greener foliage.
  • DRASTIC reduction of damage in agriculture due to extraordinary meteorological phenomena.
  • Doubling the plants size, growth rates and their resistance to pathogens
  • DRASTIC reduction of large meteorological phenomena such as hurricanes, torrential cloudbursts and hailstorms with oversized hailstones.
  • Sensitivity increase in the immune system of plants.


  • REDUCTION of the incidence of pathologies related to excessive microwave radiation such as leukemia, lymphomas, breast tumors, epithelial melanomas, brain tumors, changes in cell permeability, metabolism variation, changes in the glandular functions, the immune system, the central nervous system and behavior, and DNA damage. For radiated electromagnetic power density greater than 50 milliwatts/cm2: possible brain lesions, influence on cell growth, fetal malformations, internal burns, cataracts and death from heart attack. Other non-thermal or chronic effects for intensity lower than this, which determine the thermal effects, are the variation in the number of lymphocytes and granulocytes (experiments on cells), variations in the level of antibodies and macrophage activity (experiments on animals), tachycardia, eye pain, dizziness, depression, limitation of learning ability, memory loss and hair loss. In the countries of Eastern Europe, studies have also shown: sterility, increased abortions, lowered fertility. According to the US Environment Agency (EPA), out of eight epidemiological studies, five have shown statistically significant risks associated with: lymphatic and haemopoietic neoplasm, total cancers in inhabitants (Hawaii) in close proximity to radio frequency (RF) towers, cancer of the hematopoietic system (leukemia, lymphoma and lymphosarcoma, melanoma and exposure to radiation (RF) in Polish officers and military personnel.
  • DRASTIC odor reduction.
  • DRASTIC reduction of damage to humans, property and livestock due to extraordinary meteorological phenomena.
  • DRASTIC reduction of stress and depression due to electrostatic charges and harmful stray energies.
  • Great improvement in sleep quality and rest.
  • DRASTIC reduction of toxic substances.
  • DRASTIC Ultrasound reduction.
  • Clear increase in immune defenses.

Real Customers ​​​​With Real Results


Dear Richard,

As you know, I have a DPE100 in the ground near the FT Lauderdale International Airport.  My good friend, Charlie, lives close to the airport. He practices alternative medicine and he, along with many of his patients, is very sensitive to EMF/RF frequencies. I thought Dr. Charlie’s would be a good place to test it.

It was easy to plant in the ground and we immediately noticed a different feeling inside his condo unit.  Charlie said that it was a feeling of stillness and calm and sometimes he felt like yelling just to see if he could break the calmness. Several of his clients noticed it, too, and one said, “Hey Charlie, what have you done?  It feels different in here.” He was not complaining. I knew what he was talking about. I don’t often feel those subtle energies, but I know something good is going on at his condo.

I live in an area that often gets hit by extreme weather conditions such as cloudbursts, tornadoes and hurricanes.  I know that the weather can be manipulated, energized and even guided. I was looking for insurance, something that offered some protection and I have found it in the DPE100.

Let me explain. There was a cloudburst in February.  I was going to visit Charlie and the rain was torrential.  Cars were stalled on the Interstate highway and flooding was everywhere.  It was slow going but when I got about 1.5 miles from Charlie’s, the rain almost completely stopped.  It was just a slight drizzle when I got to his place. I stayed there for two hours and then left. I got about 1.5 miles away and the downpour started again, but not at Charlie’s! 

Here is something else that was encouraging.  I planted the DPE100 next Charlie’s condo and a large, old bush.  After a week, we noticed that the bush was sprouting new growth, and it seems that the shape of the bush has also changed.  The branches seem to be growing out of the shade and moving into a position that provides more direct sunlight.

I almost forgot to mention this - Charlie, can see more stars at night.  We almost never see stars around here.  They get lost in all the stuff that is being sprayed day and night above us.  Pretty amazing.

I give the DPE100 five stars *****.   It is a winner!!!

Thank you.

Harvey April 17, 2020


Davide, 54, lives in Sardinia (Italy) and works as a building contractor, and is highly educated. For 25 years he has been suffering from uncontrolled tremors and sweats that disrupt his sleep and he has had difficulty concentrating at work. He spent large sums of money on medical and neurological therapies without success, and his condition has become more aggravated over time.

The inventor of the DPE100 immediately understood that the cause of the problem was electromagnetic pollution; in fact, the inventor has been living in the same area for 35 years. This pollution is caused by stray electromagnetic currents combined with geopathies.

With the help of the Engineer Prof. Elio S., an electronic engineer as well as an industrial electronics expert specialized in electromagnetic pollution, the two assessed the environmental situation to see if the DPE100 could clear the electromagnetic pollution.

After the installation of the DPE100, a drastic reduction in electromagnetic pollution values was noted and this was confirmed when Davide said that he had slept beautifully and without tremors for the first time for years.

Davide, Sardinia (Italy)


Dear Richard,

I have placed the second DPE100 in the ground at my condo.  It is in an area that people sit around to relax and get sun.  In the evening the mosquitos come out in force.  I have not seen any.  I will sit down there tonight without a shirt for an hour or so. If I don't get attacked, I will be talking with the folks at the city hall.  The city pays a lot of money to spray those mosquitos.  I'm going over to see how they handle those contracts.  Going after the mosquitoes could turn out to be a huge big deal in Florida.  It also should be easy to demonstrate how effective the DPE100 is in getting rid of that nuisance.  This is definitely worth following up.

I feel like there is a calm stillness in my apartment.  I am on the 9th floor.  They were predicting severe weather, including tornadoes but it was pretty quiet here last night.

Stay well and safe.



(Two children from Veneto (Italy) were displaying classic radiation burns with detachment of significant skin portions, as well as severe pain, insomnia, etc. The parents had taken them to the best specialist doctors throughout Europe without finding a solution.

After great hardship, they happened to meet the inventor of the DPE100, who immediately explained that the children were being burned by radiation exposure and that with a portable version of the DPE100 with special ground connections, it could immediately solve the problem. Indeed, within 3 days the boys had returned to normal.

Needless to say, the parents were skeptical at first because they did not know there were high-voltage electrical cables running under their house, but the they were overwhelmed from seeing their children completely healed. Their gratitude was truly profound.

Two children from Veneto (Italy)


On 11 June 2019, a hailstorm with 4 cm diameter hail caused considerable damage in the villages near Lucca, except in the area where a DPE100 was installed, where only rain fell. A witness was amazed to see the circular protected area of more than 2 km radius from the DPE100, outside of which large hailstones fell, causing damage to the entire area outside it.

Claudio L. in the Lombardy region (Italy)