GANS Pack with Health Protocols

The GANS Pack provides you with the GANS of CO2, the GANS of zinc oxide, of CH3 and of copper oxide. These can then be used to produce plasmatically activated water from each of these, which in turn can be used, following the protocols that will be provided with the GANS Pack you receive and that have been provided by Mehran Keshe and which he has been using for many years, to assist with healing Type I & II diabetes, elevated blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer’s, ALS and other conditions. There is also evidence they can assist your body in clearing cancer.
In addition to providing the usage protocols, you will receive a link to a video which explains how to handle these materials for the best outcomes and for their longevity, which can be many years if handled correctly.

The GANS Pack provides you with the GANS of CO2, the GANS of zinc oxide, of CH3 and of copper oxide. These can then be used to produce plasmatically activated water from each of these, which in turn can be used to support your body in healing itself.

GANS Pack with Health Protocols

Watch the video introducing the GANS Pack and which shares the extraordinary healing journey of Naomi Lapadula, who was left with a severe brain injury after a car accident in July, 2016 and whose father, Giovanni, worked with these extraordinary materials to literally grow Naomi a new brain!!! Naomi was placed in palliative care to die, and as of early June, 2017 was home and completing her rehabilitation. MRI scans show she now has a normal brain.

How the plasma water of the GANS of CO2 destroys glyphosate

As Mr. Keshe says, anything is possible with these materials.

Further to this, in August 2018, Mr Keshe explained how the plasma water of the GANS of CO2 can break down glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's herbicide, Roundup. Glyphosate is very dangerous to our bodies and Monsanto recently lost a court case to a cancer sufferer, with USD289M in damages awarded, a case Monsanto plans to appeal. Importantly for all of us, it has been demonstrated that glyphosate is widespread in our food chain and also in our water because of its widespread use for some 50 years. Watch Video on the left in which  Mr. Keshe explain how the plasma water of the GANS of CO2 can break down glyphosate and protect our bodies and those of our loved ones.

It can assist your body to heal many conditions previously considered incurable.

Real Customers ​​​​With Real Results


Dear Richard, While I have been drinking GANS CO2 and ZnO water for my health, I have also been giving these GANS water to my cats twice a day. One of them has been suffering from IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) for a couple of years. We have tried everything his doctor suggests, such as metronidazole, vitamin B shots, probiotics, and wet food only diet, but nothing has worked. However, within a few days of taking GANS CO2 and ZnO water, his condition improved. He's been taking GANS water for about seven weeks now, I think his IBD has improved 80%! We are optimistic that he will completely get better.

Akiko Watanabe August 22, 2019


Hello Richard, Further to our conversation on stopping smoking, I would like to tell you what I did to stop my smoking in only 5 days. I filled a jar with the plasma water from the GANS of CO2, then took some normal amber leaf pouch tobacco and just took a good pinch and added it to the jar, mixed it round and left it for 24 hours. So, this was my mixture. I took 12ml of plasma water of the GANS of CO2, I took 7ml of the tobacco mixture and I took 48ml of the ZnO three times a day and after five days my craving for smoking has gone and the taste of the fags just wanted me to not want to smoke at all. So, I just thought I would share this with you as I have not seen anything that anyone has spoken about on addictions with any GANS plasma water, anywhere. Also, just to mention the 7ml of the tobacco was just what I tried. I guess you can do more or less depending on how you feel. Please feel free to share my experience and hope this helps many others. Thank you.

Matthew Davis August 22, 2019


My wife suffers from burn-out & nerve depletion. She could not experience 3 days in a row of good energy levels. After 3 days on the GANS Pack she had good energy, which has continued for 2 weeks straight! She's also feeling much calmer as her nervous system is being restored, I suspect! Also, since she is underweight, her appetite has significantly increased, sometimes having to get up in the middle of the night to have more food! With increased energy levels and metabolism, along with an increase in food intake, she’ll soon start to gain more weight too! We both wake up much more refreshed in the mornings than we used to. We noticed this improvement after the first few days on the GANS Pack! Page 4 of 29 17 September 19 Copyright © Magravs Plasma Products Being in an apartment building, I sometimes get bitten by bedbugs. Once bitten, the bites become very inflamed (enlarge into big red welts) & itchy; this can last for 3-4 weeks, after which there would often be a permanent "scar" left on the skin. Right after the last few bites, I applied the Pain Pen for a couple of minutes on each bite, and found that the bites were quite a bit healed overnight! After further applications, they healed perfectly, without leaving a trace on the skin!!

Paul July 2019


Dear Richard, I just want to let you know what marvellous results I have had from the GANS of CO2 for a pain in my side that just wouldn't go away. I am loathe to go to doctors because I feel they do more harm than good but I rubbed some of the liquid on the spot where I was experiencing the pain and it abated almost straight away. I originally purchased the GANS products for my Mum who is nearly 93 but she was a bit sceptical about them so they sat in my cupboard for ages not being used. When I suffered this excruciating pain I thought I would give the GANS of CO2 a try because I was just about at my wits end knowing how to deal with it. I was so happy and relieved that it worked and will now be recommending it to all my friends. Thank you for bringing these wonderful products to Australia.

Jo July 2019


I was very impressed that my BP went down after 4 days of the CO2 and Zn0. I had wonderful success last night when I made two healing patches, one of CO2 and ZnO, and placed them on each side of my calf and had no cramping or Charlie horses last night. I had terrible cramping, Charlie horses in this area the night before. I didn't see cramping, spasms, Charlie horses mentioned in your Health Protocols manual so I thought I would mention it. I am loving the benefits I'm having and excited about what I still need to learn. Thanks for helping me with my education.

Carolyn July 2019


I wanted to leave feedback for the GANS Water. I ordered the GANS Pack with Health Protocols in January of this year (2019) after suffering through recovery of a hip replacement in 2016 and needing the other hip replaced due to the fact I have degenerative arthritis in both hips. After surgery the new hip recovery went well but caused me to be off balance and in a lot of pain daily because the other hip needed to be replaced. I really did not want to go through another surgery and the pain caused depression to set in. I started researching and found Mr Keshe and You. So, I ordered the GANS Pack with Health Protocols. When it arrived, I transferred each one to larger bottles and kept them separated as advised in the protocols and began 1oz of the Co2, ZnO and CuO 3 times daily. At the time I was coming down with the flu after 3 days my hip pain was at a 3 (scale 1-10) where before it was a 10 for over 2 years. I continued that protocol for 4 weeks, got over the flu and have continued to have a pain level stay at 1 to 0... It’s like a miracle and I am now ready to go back to work as a Cosmetology Instructor at college level. My protocol after 6 months is 1oz Co2 and 1oz ZnO daily. That’s it and I feel great. I also have the Pain Pen and use it in the evenings if I feel sore because I do best drinking the GANS first thing in the morning and the pen is relaxing at night before bed. Thank you, Richard, for making GANS available and I hope this helps others with their personal health journey

Ann McGregor Albuquerque NM June2019

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