Keshe Foundation Plasma Pain Pad

Magravs Plasma Product: Pain Pad

Here's a snapshot of how the Pain Pad can help:

- Reduce Muscular pain &                tendinitis

- Alleviate Acute & chronic               fatigue

- Reduce wrist pain & carpal           tunnel syndrome

- Reduce knee pain

This Product is Replaced with Newer and Better version 

Real Customers ​​​​With Real Results


Arthritis Pain completely vanished...

I ordered the Keshe Pain Pad because I wanted to give it a try.

I have been following this technology for some time and as a Doctor, I often research new health/healing claims and products. I am happy to say that I got my order yesterday and tried the Pain Pad and it worked beautifully on my shoulder, which I had hurt some time ago and which flares up now and then.

The pain is completely gone. Thank you. 

John - using Keshe Pain Pad


Shoulder Pain is completely gone...

As a Doctor, I often research new healing products. I am happy to say that I got my Pain Pad and it worked beautifully on my shoulder, which I had hurt some time ago.The pain is completely gone. Thank you. 

Dr. Laurie MD. Seattle  - using Keshe Pain Pad


No longer in pain...

I purchased the Keshe Foundation Pain Pad approx. 4 weeks ago in early March of 2017 and have waited until now to inform you of the successes I have had with its use, as I wanted to make sure I was getting consistent results.

I spend most of my day in the seated position as I am currently driving heavy vehicles. Needless to say, this plays havoc with my muscular system. Since receiving the Keshe Pain Pad I have put it to good use. I have found that if I rotate the position of the Keshe Pain Pad, for example, from lower back to mid back to shoulder areas and legs or anywhere else whilst I am in the seated position driving, ALL muscular tension is relieved. When I first started using the Pain Pad, I noticed that up to 10 minutes on a tight muscle would bring complete relief (no stiffness or soreness).

Now, I just place the Keshe Pain Pad wherever and whenever I feel tension; not sure about the exact times needed for the relief to occur anymore as I usually forget it's there, only remembering when I realize I am no longer in pain. I have also used the Pain Pad on my knee that was badly damaged in an accident (torn cartilage, and baker’s cyst) and have had the same successful results of no pain. I am sleeping better at night due to the fact that my muscular-skeletal system is relaxed and balanced. Previously I would toss and turn due to the discomfort I was feeling, now I fall asleep and am able to get a real uninterrupted deep sleep.

I will be turning 50 in a couple of months. YAY! Although I consider myself relatively healthy, I do suffer from several complaints that, to date, I have not been able to shift. I will be addressing these in more detail at a later date with the arrival of the Pain Pen, which I have also ordered, and the GANS water. Excitedly awaiting their arrival and will definitely keep the Foundation informed of my progress. I am more than pleased with the results I have had with this product and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to give it a go. If my experience is anything to go by, you will not be disappointed.

With deep respect and thanks to all who have bought this information and technology forward for all of humanity.

H. Schafer  - using Keshe Pain Pad