Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band

 Warranty: 2 years

Waist: 130cm or 51 inches Max

These technologies help to restore balance in the body by reducing stress and, in the case of the Lumbar Health band, reducing tension in the lumbar area, legs and lumbar vertebrae.

It is made of very high-quality neoprene and with an easy to use and fully variable Velcro-type closure system.

It has three complementary technologies:

-  Weak magnetic fields that penetrate up to 5 cm under          the skin

-  Biophotonics 

-  Radionics.

Health conditions in which it can assist: 

Lumbosciatica, cruralgia, tingling in the legs, sore legs, hypoaesthesia, weakness, backache, paresthesia, sciatica, vertebral stenosis (flattened lumbar vertebrae, disc protus), lumbar osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disorders, spondylolisthesis (ie a vertebra that slides forward with respect to the one below), pain due to Paget's disease of the lumbar bones, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis scoliosis of the lumbar spine, average distortions, herniated lumbar discs, pain in the lumbar muscles, contractures to the lumbar muscles.

                     7 Lumbar Health Waist Band Helps to

  • Promote circulation
  • Stabilize and reduce pain
  • Relieve chronic low back pain
  • Reduce compression syndrome
  • Reduce acute and chronic back pain
  • keep the spine in a normal position
  • Keep the area warm, which can limit the risk of injury
  • Support the lumbar area so as to support the healing process
  • Reduce the symptoms arising from osteoarthritis
  • Increase the vitality of cells and tissues.
  • Reduce vertebrae pain, leg pain and the reduction of paresthesias, improved motor activity and leg sensitivity, as well as decreased or the elimination of tingling.
  • Improve blood circulation, recover aching muscles and joints relative to the area of application.

Real Customers With Real Results


I am pleased to inform you that the Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band has performed a miracle on my back. As I told you before, I have a 40-degree scoliosis, which has been problematic most of my life. This strap has removed ALL THE LOW BACK PAIN AND RESTORED RANGE OF MOTION ON THE 2ND DAY. I am able to function with no difficulty. I am so grateful to have you as my guide and help others in need as well. Thank you

Charlie October 11, 2019- using Lumbar Health Waist Band


A few words about the new Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band. I had back fusion surgery 15 months ago, fusing S-1, L-4&5. The back muscles must be disconnected from the spine to insert the screws and rods. That process leaves a lot of scar tissue as the tissue re-connects to the spine. Those tissues stiffen up after sleeping or driving any distance. Wearing the belt for half the night has magically ended the stiffening and my back is now without pain and inflammation and it is continuing beyond the topical applications that I had been using. Promised results have been realized. Thank you to you and all who have created this belt.

Frank Zadlo October 17, 2019  - using Lumbar Health Waist Band


I am loving this Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band and find it even more effective than the Keshe Plasma Waist Wrap (which was also very effective!). I wear it or lie on it several hours a day and it seems preventative as well as palliative. 2 Thank you for all that you do. I am enjoying so many of your products and look forward to receiving all of your informative emails. I am very excited about the new 5G protection technology!!!! All the Best, Sheila July 2019 I definitely like the new Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band more than the previous version that I purchased. Maybe the magnets help. I've had a lower back issue for years so I think it will probably take a while. (Maybe just my belief that it will take a while?). It definitely helps my back feel better - more like the magnet pad I've used on my back before - kind of a cool, relaxed feeling. I think it is helping but maybe too early to know how much. I use it mostly when I am meditating or in the evening when I'm sitting or lying down and don't have to fasten it around my waist. Hope you are doing well!

Louise July 2019  - using Lumbar Health Waist Band