Keshe Foundation Plasma Pain Pen

Healing (Pain) Pen

The Healing (Pain) Pen is a fantastic tool for clearing pain from many parts of the body.

 The Pain Pen emits plasma fields that penetrate up to 3cm below the skin, helping to bring the body back into balance.

How to Use Pain Pen ? 

 Simply point it at the pain location on yourself or another person and the pain can be cleared in seconds.

When you order one from the store, we will send you more detailed instructions on its use, including a brief video.

Real Customers ​​​​With Real Results


Arthritis Pain completely vanished...

I have pain in my right thumb joint (arthritis). It would intensify excruciatingly when I put pressure on it.I applied the Pain Pen for a few seconds and now the pain has completely vanished.

The Pain Pen surely does work well indeed! John, USA

John - using Keshe Pain Pen


Shoulder Pain is completely gone...

As a Doctor, I often research new healing products. I am happy to say that I got my Pain Pad and it worked beautifully on my shoulder, which I had hurt some time ago.The pain is completely gone. Thank you. Laurie MD. Seattle

Dr. Laurie  - using Keshe Pain Pad


I went from 8 Ibuprofen a day to none ...

I purchased the Keshe Foundation Pain Pen in February 2017.  A friend suggested that it might help me. I had been diagnosed with 4 uterine fibroid tumours.

The largest being 7.9 cm. Although benign, they were very painful and the pain and discomfort have had a large impact on my quality of life.


I was taking up to 8 Ibuprofen tablets a day to deal with the pain. I started using the Pain Pen every day. I would use it while I watched TV or any time I was feeling pain. I feel a deep heat inside me when I use it. After just a few days my Ibuprofen use went down to about 2 a day. I had another sonogram done at the beginning of May and I just got the results.


The tumours have shrunk by almost half! The large one went down to 4.5 cm and the others have also decreased in size. I attribute this to the Pain Pen.

So, basically, the Pain Pen is the main factor that has caused the reduction in the fibroids. Previous sonograms showed growth rather than reduction and the Pain Pen is the only different thing I have done since those.

I rarely have to take Ibuprofen, now, and I mostly only feel pain the days I forget to use the Pain Pen. The fibroids are still there, but now I feel almost normal again, and I am continuing to use the Pain Pen daily in the hope that they will soon be gone. 

Thank you so much for this miraculous product. I wish everyone knew about it, but most people just think I am crazy if I try to tell them about it. I hope that this testimonial can help convince others that this is for real. Blessings and Love, Fran

Fran    - using Keshe Pain Pen

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