SoftMAG Knee Shield

The SoftMAG Knee Shield is designed to support your knee, relieve pain and promote healing whilst allowing the normal full range of motion.


It is ideal for supporting the entire knee joint, relieving pain and muscle stiffness in the knee area, increasing muscle and joint resistance, promoting functional recovery and elimination of pain in muscles, bones and joints, protecting from the knee getting cold and stiff and can limit the risk of injury.

The SoftMAG Knee Shield stabilizes posture and can reduce pain, it can increase the vitality of cells and tissues, promote and restore blood circulation and keep the knee in a normal position to facilitate the healing process.

Usage Restrictions:

-Use the product only if it is in perfect condition and in       the specified     fields of application, as specified in the       manual.

-Use only on intact skin

  Fitting the SoftMAG Knee Shield:

The easiest way to fit the SoftMAG Knee Shield is when sitting down.

  1. Position the band opening on the patella.
  2. Wrap the lower part of the band around the leg, making sure it is well stretched, and secure the Velcro closure.
  3.  Wrap the upper part of the band around the thigh, verifying that it is well stretched, and secure the Velcro closure.
  4.  Adjust the Velcro fasteners so that the band is tight but comfortable to wear.


 0.185 kg


3 years

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