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SoftMAG Pain Relief Eye Mask

The SoftMAG Pain Relief Eye Mask helps to relieve sinus headache, tired and swollen eyes or if you have just spent a long, stressful day. Cold therapy also soothes tired and swollen eyes while providing cooling relief. The product adapts to the face and eyes and completely blocks the light. Place the SoftMAG Pain Relief Eye Mask over your eyes, relax and enjoy the relief.

The SoftMAG Pain Relief Eye Mask replaces the Keshe Foundation Eye Mask, which is no longer available, and uses the same GANS technology. Here are our customer testimonials for the Eye Mask.


                                 How to Use: 

Sporadic pains: apply for 2 hours at regular intervals   up to 3 times a day

Chronic pains: apply for 2 hours at regular intervals      up to 4 times a day

Cold TherapyTo use this modality, place the mask in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

How to wear: 

Use the Velcro strap to hold in place

It helps to:

  • Relieve Migraines
  • Relieve Headache
  • Relieve Pain in the temples from stress
  • Relieve Sinus pain
  • Relieve Puffy eyes
  • Relax after hours spent on computer or work.

                                                                Material Composition:

                                    Lycra, MTP5/40, Jersey (28% Polyamide, 7% Elastomer, 35% Polyester, 30% Cotton)

                                                                Patches contain: 50% CO2 GANS, 50% ZnO GANS

                                                                                  For more details Click here

Real Customers ​​​​With Real Results


I received the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask near the end of September. I have suffered from migraines since age 14, I am now 68 and still migraine attacks occur, and sometimes they are very debilitating. A migraine knocks you out for a day or longer and since I am older, it seems harder to come through for my body. My blood pressure gets dangerously high, measured by ambulance medics at 100-185 during an attack. I am using triptans to cut the attack, but this medication has severe drawbacks, like dependence when one takes this medicine too often. In spite of this I have been able to live a life with a family, work and my own spiritual development. I tried a lot of things, and sadly they do not work. I tried the Eye Mask the first time when an attack was already in second stage, and I used it too long; it did not work. But yesterday evening I felt a headache beginning and decided to give the mask a second chance. I put it on and went to bed, I felt the pain shift from my forehead, behind my eyes to my neck, so I moved the mask there. I did replace the mask several times during about an hour. In the night I used it two more times, when I woke up this morning, I felt a little cloudy in my head, but no Pain! I feel very thankful for this result, which for me, coming through the night and the migraine attack was cut off without any medication, is like a miracle! I will be using the Eye Mask in the future. Thank you and Mr. Keshe for your work!

Anouk. The Netherlands- using  Pain Relief Eye Mask


Yes, I did purchase the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask. I find it helpful when I get a pain related to my TMJ (jaw joint). I wear it sideways across my ear for this. I also find it soothing when wearing it for my eyes. I have had a Pain Pad for three years and always find it useful for my arthritis as well.

Jesse  - using  Pain Relief Eye Mask


Hiya Richard, I am very pleased with my Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer and feel a whole lot better; lots more energy, better skin, etc. since using it. I have also purchased the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask and find it relieves eye and neck pain! I am now awaiting the Plasma Foot Insoles.

Love Sue from Mallorca!  - using  Pain Relief Eye Mask

SoftMAG Eye Mask for Pain Relief

Eye masks can be wonderful for your eyes. Magravs Plasma’s SoftMAG eye mask is the one which works miracles. It is considered the best eye mask because of the biphotonic technology they use. It is useful for you when you are sleeping as it helps get rid of puffiness, headaches and gives you a soothing effect.

SoftMAG Eye Mask Helps You Relax and Enjoy the Relief

It helps improve your sleep quality. By blocking out light it helps a person fall asleep faster and more peacefully. It helps you maintain a good sleeping pattern. It makes the user be more relaxed while sleeping which helps with depressive mood or stress. The sleep mask use GANS technology which is better than normal silk or fabric sleep eye masks.

It completely blocks the light so it won’t reach your eyes which gives a soothing effect to your eyes and lessens any pains you have. After a long stressful day SoftMAG eye mask helps you relax and enjoy the relief.

Magravs Plasma’s Eye Mask

Eye masks can sometimes itself be of nuisance and can cause strain around your eyes or leave marks which look unpleasant. Some eye masks have proven to even cause headaches because of how tight they are. You don’t have to worry about this with Magravs Plasma’s Eye Mask as it is made of the best material and is the best eye mask. The material is soft and doesn’t cause any strain on the eyes. The biphotonic technique used by Magravs Plasma helps with any strains or headaches that the eye mask could itself cause.

Best SoftMAG Sleep Mask

Sitting in front of a computer can give you headaches and migraines, it also causes dark circles and uneasiness in your eyes. It also can affect your eyesight to a great extent. Best SoftMAG sleep mask helps great deal with that and gives you relief from pain and helps you sleep better. It also helps relieve sinus headaches and swelling in eyes.

SoftMAG eye mask has a technology that really works which sets it apart from any other product. It helps with chronic headaches, migraines, and stress in your eyes.

Eye Mask Helps Rejuvenating Your Skin

Eye mask also helps rejuvenating your skin. Wondering how? Stress and bad interrupted sleep can cause wrinkles and your skin to shrivel. When you sleep with Magravs Plasma eye mask you would see your skin getting better. It would protect the skin near your eyes which is very much delicate and soft. It helps say goodbye to dark eye circles which look bad on anyone. The sleep mask serves as a protective layer between you and your pillow and so that you’re less likely to wake up with sheet lines and therefore less likely to suffer collagen breakdown as rapidly

More Pleasant and Help Healthy Sleeping Routine

You can use this eye mask for travelling as it can be carried easily in a bag. It will help you block out your surroundings so you can sleep better while travelling in a bus, train or even flying. Magravs Plasma eye mask changes your sleep patterns and makes it much more pleasant and helps you develop healthy sleeping routine by which you will see yourself become more energetic and refreshed and can say goodbye to tiredness and headaches. So order your eye mask Today and say goodbye to headaches.

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