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Arthritis Pain completely vanished…

I ordered the Keshe Pain Pad because I wanted to give it a try.

I have been following this technology for some time and as a Doctor, I often research new health/healing claims and products. I am happy to say that I got my order yesterday and tried the Pain Pad and it worked beautifully on my shoulder, which I had hurt some time ago and which flares up now and then.

The pain is completely gone. Thank you.


Relieves my neck pain

I am very pleased with my Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer and feel a whole lot better; lots more energy, better skin, etc. since using it. I have also purchased the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask and find it relieves eye and neck pain! I am now awaiting the Plasma Foot Insoles.Love Sue from Mallorca! September 21, 2018

Claudio L. in the Lombardy region (Italy)

On 11 June 2019, a hailstorm with 4 cm diameter hail caused considerable damage in the villages near Lucca, except in the area where a DPE100 was installed, where only rain fell. A witness was amazed to see the circular protected area of more than 2 km radius from the DPE100, outside of which large hailstones fell, causing damage to the entire area outside it.

D September 18, 2019

Hi Richard, Thank you so much. The Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap works extremely well. I had carpal tunnel and boy, that was painful as I’ve never had it, yikes. I could immediately feel the energy at work and it felt awesome. I’m much better now because of the Wrist Health Strap and still not doing anything major. I had gotten the carpal tunnel due to doing my Reiki massage, which is hands-on-healing. An excellent product, thank you, thank you. Love, Light & Many Blessings to YOU
D September 18, 2019

Nancy Mckinney USA

I recently had a fall on some ice and injured my arm and shoulder, with pain also going into my neck. At bedtime, I put the Eye Mask on top of my shoulder and sometimes on my neck and the pain dissipates. I also had soreness in one hip from the fall, and when I put the Eye Mask under my hip at bedtime, the soreness dissolved. I now will use the Eye Mask more regularly, since I am starting to get results. Thanks to Mr. Keshe for his service to humanity and thanks to you, Richard, for a wonderful job introducing these products.


I definitely like the new Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band more than the previous version that I purchased. Maybe the magnets help. I’ve had a lower back issue for years so I think it will probably take a while. (Maybe just my belief that it will take a while?). It definitely helps my back feel better – more like the magnet pad I’ve used on my back before – kind of a cool, relaxed feeling. I think it is helping but maybe too early to know how much. I use it mostly when I am meditating or in the evening when I’m sitting or lying down and don’t have to fasten it around my waist.I hope you are doing well!

Akiko Watanabe

Dear Richard, While I have been drinking GANS CO2 and ZnO water for my health, I have also been giving these GANS water to my cats twice a day. One of them has been suffering from IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) for a couple of years. We have tried everything his doctor suggests, such as metronidazole, vitamin B shots, probiotics, and wet food only diet, but nothing has worked. However, within a few days of taking GANS CO2 and ZnO water, his condition improved. He’s been taking GANS water for about seven weeks now, I think his IBD has improved 80%! We are optimistic that he will completely get better.