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Arthritis Pain completely vanished...

I ordered the Keshe Pain Pad because I wanted to give it a try.

I have been following this technology for some time and as a Doctor, I often research new health/healing claims and products. I am happy to say that I got my order yesterday and tried the Pain Pad and it worked beautifully on my shoulder, which I had hurt some time ago and which flares up now and then.

The pain is completely gone. Thank you. Laurie MD. Seattle, Washington, United States.

John - using Keshe Pain Pad


Shoulder Pain is completely gone...

As a Doctor, I often research new healing products. I am happy to say that I got my Pain Pad and it worked beautifully on my shoulder, which I had hurt some time ago.The pain is completely gone. Thank you. Laurie MD. Seattle

Dr. Laurie  - using Keshe Pain Pad


No longer in pain...

I purchased the Keshe Foundation Pain Pad approx. 4 weeks ago in early March of 2017 and have waited until now to inform you of the successes I have had with its use, as I wanted to make sure I was getting consistent results.

I spend most of my day in the seated position as I am currently driving heavy vehicles. Needless to say, this plays havoc with my muscular system. Since receiving the Keshe Pain Pad I have put it to good use. I have found that if I rotate the position of the Keshe Pain Pad, for example, from lower back to mid back to shoulder areas and legs or anywhere else whilst I am in the seated position driving, ALL muscular tension is relieved. When I first started using the Pain Pad, I noticed that up to 10 minutes on a tight muscle would bring complete relief (no stiffness or soreness).

Now, I just place the Keshe Pain Pad wherever and whenever I feel tension; not sure about the exact times needed for the relief to occur anymore as I usually forget it's there, only remembering when I realize I am no longer in pain. I have also used the Pain Pad on my knee that was badly damaged in an accident (torn cartilage, and baker’s cyst) and have had the same successful results of no pain. I am sleeping better at night due to the fact that my muscular-skeletal system is relaxed and balanced. Previously I would toss and turn due to the discomfort I was feeling, now I fall asleep and am able to get a real uninterrupted deep sleep.

I will be turning 50 in a couple of months. YAY! Although I consider myself relatively healthy, I do suffer from several complaints that, to date, I have not been able to shift. I will be addressing these in more detail at a later date with the arrival of the Pain Pen, which I have also ordered, and the GANS water. Excitedly awaiting their arrival and will definitely keep the Foundation informed of my progress. I am more than pleased with the results I have had with this product and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to give it a go. If my experience is anything to go by, you will not be disappointed.

With deep respect and thanks to all who have bought this information and technology forward for all of humanity. H Schafer, Queensland, Australia

H. Schafer  - using Keshe Pain Pad

Real Customers Reviews of Pain Pen


Arthritis Pain completely vanished...

I have pain in my right thumb joint (arthritis). It would intensify excruciatingly when I put pressure on it.I applied the Pain Pen for a few seconds and now the pain has completely vanished.

The Pain Pen surely does work well indeed! John, USA

John - using Keshe Pain Pen


Shoulder Pain is completely gone...

As a Doctor, I often research new healing products. I am happy to say that I got my Pain Pad and it worked beautifully on my shoulder, which I had hurt some time ago.The pain is completely gone. Thank you. Laurie MD. Seattle

Dr. Laurie  - using Keshe Pain Pad


I went from 8 Ibuprofen a day to none ...

I purchased the Keshe Foundation Pain Pen in February 2017.  A friend suggested that it might help me. I had been diagnosed with 4 uterine fibroid tumours.

The largest being 7.9 cm. Although benign, they were very painful and the pain and discomfort have had a large impact on my quality of life.

I was taking up to 8 Ibuprofen tablets a day to deal with the pain. I started using the Pain Pen every day. I would use it while I watched TV or any time I was feeling pain. I feel a deep heat inside me when I use it. After just a few days my Ibuprofen use went down to about 2 a day. I had another sonogram done at the beginning of May and I just got the results.

The tumours have shrunk by almost half! The large one went down to 4.5 cm and the others have also decreased in size. I attribute this to the Pain Pen.

So, basically, the Pain Pen is the main factor that has caused the reduction in the fibroids. Previous sonograms showed growth rather than reduction and the Pain Pen is the only different thing I have done since those.

I rarely have to take Ibuprofen, now, and I mostly only feel pain the days I forget to use the Pain Pen. The fibroids are still there, but now I feel almost normal again, and I am continuing to use the Pain Pen daily in the hope that they will soon be gone. 

Thank you so much for this miraculous product. I wish everyone knew about it, but most people just think I am crazy if I try to tell them about it. I hope that this testimonial can help convince others that this is for real. Blessings and Love, Fran

Fran    - using Keshe Pain Pen

Real Customers Reviews of Kashe Foundation Plasma Eye And Migraine Mask

Keshe Foundation Migraine mask


Relieves my neck pain

I am very pleased with my Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer and feel a whole lot better; lots more energy, better skin, etc. since using it. I have also purchased the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask and find it relieves eye and neck pain! I am now awaiting the Plasma Foot Insoles.Love Sue from Mallorca! September 21, 2018

Sue - using Keshe Foundation Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask

Keshe Foundation Migraine mask


It's like a miracle!

I received the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask near the end of September.

I have suffered from migraines since age 14, I am now 68 and still migraine attacks occur, and sometimes they are very debilitating. A migraine knocks you out for a day or longer and since I am older, it seems harder to come through for my body.

I tried a lot of things, and sadly they do not work.  I put it on and went to bed, I felt the pain shift from my forehead, behind my eyes to my neck, so I moved the mask there. I did replace the mask several times during about an hour.

In the night I used it two more times, when I woke up this morning, I felt a little cloudy in my head, but no Pain!

I feel very thankful for this result, which for me, coming through the night and the migraine attack was cut off without any medication, is like a miracle!

I will be using the Eye Mask in the future.Thank you and Mr. Keshe for your work! Anouk. The Netherlands. October 13, 2018

Anouk  using Keshe Foundation Eye and Migraine Mask

Keshe Foundation Migraine mask


Headaches now gone...

I have ordered the Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask and I can confirm very good benefit to my near vision and also that my headaches have now gone for good. Mustapha September 19, 2018

Mustapha  - using Keshe Foundation Eye and Migraine Mask

Real Customers Reviews of Lumbar Health Waist Band


I am pleased to inform you that the Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band has performed a miracle on my back. As I told you before, I have a 40-degree scoliosis, which has been problematic most of my life. This strap has removed ALL THE LOW BACK PAIN AND RESTORED RANGE OF MOTION ON THE 2ND DAY. I am able to function with no difficulty. I am so grateful to have you as my guide and help others in need as well. Thank you

Charlie October 11, 2019- using Lumbar Health Waist Band


A few words about the new Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band. I had back fusion surgery 15 months ago, fusing S-1, L-4&5. The back muscles must be disconnected from the spine to insert the screws and rods. That process leaves a lot of scar tissue as the tissue re-connects to the spine. Those tissues stiffen up after sleeping or driving any distance. Wearing the belt for half the night has magically ended the stiffening and my back is now without pain and inflammation and it is continuing beyond the topical applications that I had been using. Promised results have been realized. Thank you to you and all who have created this belt.

Frank Zadlo October 17, 2019  - using Lumbar Health Waist Band


I am loving this Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band and find it even more effective than the Keshe Plasma Waist Wrap (which was also very effective!). I wear it or lie on it several hours a day and it seems preventative as well as palliative. 2 Thank you for all that you do. I am enjoying so many of your products and look forward to receiving all of your informative emails. I am very excited about the new 5G protection technology!!!! All the Best, Sheila July 2019 I definitely like the new Advanced Technology 7 Lumbar Health Waist Band more than the previous version that I purchased. Maybe the magnets help. I've had a lower back issue for years so I think it will probably take a while. (Maybe just my belief that it will take a while?). It definitely helps my back feel better - more like the magnet pad I've used on my back before - kind of a cool, relaxed feeling. I think it is helping but maybe too early to know how much. I use it mostly when I am meditating or in the evening when I'm sitting or lying down and don't have to fasten it around my waist. Hope you are doing well!

Louise July 2019  - using Lumbar Health Waist Band

Real Customers Reviews of Advanced Technology 7 DPE100 EMF Neutraliser


Davide, 54, lives in Sardinia (Italy) and works as a building contractor, and is highly educated. For 25 years he has been suffering from uncontrolled tremors and sweats that disrupt his sleep and he has had difficulty concentrating at work. He spent large sums of money on medical and neurological therapies without success, and his condition has become more aggravated over time.

The inventor of the DPE100 immediately understood that the cause of the problem was electromagnetic pollution; in fact, the inventor has been living in the same area for 35 years. This pollution is caused by stray electromagnetic currents combined with geopathies.

With the help of the Engineer Prof. Elio S., an electronic engineer as well as an industrial electronics expert specialized in electromagnetic pollution, the two assessed the environmental situation to see if the DPE100 could clear the electromagnetic pollution.

After the installation of the DPE100, a drastic reduction in electromagnetic pollution values was noted and this was confirmed when Davide said that he had slept beautifully and without tremors for the first time for years.

Davide, Sardinia (Italy)


(Two children from Veneto (Italy) were displaying classic radiation burns with detachment of significant skin portions, as well as severe pain, insomnia, etc. The parents had taken them to the best specialist doctors throughout Europe without finding a solution.

After great hardship, they happened to meet the inventor of the DPE100, who immediately explained that the children were being burned by radiation exposure and that with a portable version of the DPE100 with special ground connections, it could immediately solve the problem. Indeed, within 3 days the boys had returned to normal.

Needless to say, the parents were skeptical at first because they did not know there were high-voltage electrical cables running under their house, but the they were overwhelmed from seeing their children completely healed. Their gratitude was truly profound.

Two children from Veneto (Italy)


On 11 June 2019, a hailstorm with 4 cm diameter hail caused considerable damage in the villages near Lucca, except in the area where a DPE100 was installed, where only rain fell. A witness was amazed to see the circular protected area of more than 2 km radius from the DPE100, outside of which large hailstones fell, causing damage to the entire area outside it.

Claudio L. in the Lombardy region (Italy)

Real Customers Review of GANS Pack with Health Protocols


Dear Richard, While I have been drinking GANS CO2 and ZnO water for my health, I have also been giving these GANS water to my cats twice a day. One of them has been suffering from IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) for a couple of years. We have tried everything his doctor suggests, such as metronidazole, vitamin B shots, probiotics, and wet food only diet, but nothing has worked. However, within a few days of taking GANS CO2 and ZnO water, his condition improved. He's been taking GANS water for about seven weeks now, I think his IBD has improved 80%! We are optimistic that he will completely get better.

Akiko Watanabe August 22, 2019


Hello Richard, Further to our conversation on stopping smoking, I would like to tell you what I did to stop my smoking in only 5 days. I filled a jar with the plasma water from the GANS of CO2, then took some normal amber leaf pouch tobacco and just took a good pinch and added it to the jar, mixed it round and left it for 24 hours. So, this was my mixture. I took 12ml of plasma water of the GANS of CO2, I took 7ml of the tobacco mixture and I took 48ml of the ZnO three times a day and after five days my craving for smoking has gone and the taste of the fags just wanted me to not want to smoke at all. So, I just thought I would share this with you as I have not seen anything that anyone has spoken about on addictions with any GANS plasma water, anywhere. Also, just to mention the 7ml of the tobacco was just what I tried. I guess you can do more or less depending on how you feel. Please feel free to share my experience and hope this helps many others. Thank you.

Matthew Davis August 22, 2019


My wife suffers from burn-out & nerve depletion. She could not experience 3 days in a row of good energy levels. After 3 days on the GANS Pack she had good energy, which has continued for 2 weeks straight! She's also feeling much calmer as her nervous system is being restored, I suspect! Also, since she is underweight, her appetite has significantly increased, sometimes having to get up in the middle of the night to have more food! With increased energy levels and metabolism, along with an increase in food intake, she’ll soon start to gain more weight too! We both wake up much more refreshed in the mornings than we used to. We noticed this improvement after the first few days on the GANS Pack! Page 4 of 29 17 September 19 Copyright © Magravs Plasma Products Being in an apartment building, I sometimes get bitten by bedbugs. Once bitten, the bites become very inflamed (enlarge into big red welts) & itchy; this can last for 3-4 weeks, after which there would often be a permanent "scar" left on the skin. Right after the last few bites, I applied the Pain Pen for a couple of minutes on each bite, and found that the bites were quite a bit healed overnight! After further applications, they healed perfectly, without leaving a trace on the skin!!

Paul July 2019


Dear Richard, I just want to let you know what marvellous results I have had from the GANS of CO2 for a pain in my side that just wouldn't go away. I am loathe to go to doctors because I feel they do more harm than good but I rubbed some of the liquid on the spot where I was experiencing the pain and it abated almost straight away. I originally purchased the GANS products for my Mum who is nearly 93 but she was a bit sceptical about them so they sat in my cupboard for ages not being used. When I suffered this excruciating pain I thought I would give the GANS of CO2 a try because I was just about at my wits end knowing how to deal with it. I was so happy and relieved that it worked and will now be recommending it to all my friends. Thank you for bringing these wonderful products to Australia.

Jo July 2019


I was very impressed that my BP went down after 4 days of the CO2 and Zn0. I had wonderful success last night when I made two healing patches, one of CO2 and ZnO, and placed them on each side of my calf and had no cramping or Charlie horses last night. I had terrible cramping, Charlie horses in this area the night before. I didn't see cramping, spasms, Charlie horses mentioned in your Health Protocols manual so I thought I would mention it. I am loving the benefits I'm having and excited about what I still need to learn. Thanks for helping me with my education.

Carolyn July 2019


I wanted to leave feedback for the GANS Water. I ordered the GANS Pack with Health Protocols in January of this year (2019) after suffering through recovery of a hip replacement in 2016 and needing the other hip replaced due to the fact I have degenerative arthritis in both hips. After surgery the new hip recovery went well but caused me to be off balance and in a lot of pain daily because the other hip needed to be replaced. I really did not want to go through another surgery and the pain caused depression to set in. I started researching and found Mr Keshe and You. So, I ordered the GANS Pack with Health Protocols. When it arrived, I transferred each one to larger bottles and kept them separated as advised in the protocols and began 1oz of the Co2, ZnO and CuO 3 times daily. At the time I was coming down with the flu after 3 days my hip pain was at a 3 (scale 1-10) where before it was a 10 for over 2 years. I continued that protocol for 4 weeks, got over the flu and have continued to have a pain level stay at 1 to 0... It’s like a miracle and I am now ready to go back to work as a Cosmetology Instructor at college level. My protocol after 6 months is 1oz Co2 and 1oz ZnO daily. That’s it and I feel great. I also have the Pain Pen and use it in the evenings if I feel sore because I do best drinking the GANS first thing in the morning and the pen is relaxing at night before bed. Thank you, Richard, for making GANS available and I hope this helps others with their personal health journey

Ann McGregor Albuquerque NM June2019

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